Lind Rae

Linda Rae
Holistic Energy Practitioner
Integrated Energy Therapy® Master/Instructor
Reiki Master

Lancaster, southeastern, Pennsylvania


Offering Holistic Services to assist you during spiritual transformation:
  • Energy Therapy for all ages, including children, adults, and the elderly
  • Energy Therapy for wellness
  • Energy Therapy for chronic illness
  • Energy Therapy for Pets
  • Healing Angels (connect with nine angels of the energy healing field)
  • IET classes for all ages (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced)
Empower Your Life

Linda Rae, LPN
I am dedicated to teaching and supporting individuals of all ages in learning to heal themselves. My goal is to demonstrate to you how to empower yourself and how to bring more joy, balance and harmony into your life. I show clients how to stay holistically healthy through IET and other healing modalities.

I have over 12 years experience as a Licensed Practical Nurse in which I have promoted holistic care for medically challenged individuals. I am a Master/Instructor of IET and received my training from the founder of IET, Stevan Thayer and from Karen Fairman, RN, Master/Instructor.

Benefits of an IET session

IET allows the practitioner to ground healing energy from the angelic dimension and is a safe, gentle and nurturing way to release suppressed emotions which helps to balance and harmonize your life. Among other benefits, IET:
♥ Painlessly awakens and releases core cellular memory

♥ Clears energy blocks that limit health, life's purpose, prosperity, sexuality and creativity
♥ Supports physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing at all levels for illnesses such as chronic illness,
   depression, ADD and ADHD

♥ Helps to empower you and balance your hopes and health
♥ Helps you fulfill your soul's purpose

What you will experience

An IET session is a private session lasting from one to one-half hours. You will be fully clothed and relaxed on a massage table. Energy blocks will be released and cleared through specific points along the spine. This is done through massage, reflexology, other healing modalities and music therapy. At the end of an IET session, it is typical to feel a sense of peace and readiness to make change's in one's life.

IET classes offered by Linda
Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is a method of healing that uses the energy that is always around us to remove the issues that have become a part of us from life experiences.  Linda has lessons available to learn from IET: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.
The Basic Level is an introduction to energy and the beginning of healing with IET through a connection to the divine energy called a ‘heart link’.
Intermediate Level teaches you how to get rid of the issues in both your patient and yourself – in other words, get the issues out of your tissues for good!
The Advanced Level allows you and your client to answer the question so many people struggle with – ‘Why am I here?’ The Advanced Level teaches you about your soul’s purpose and other things including ‘soul-mates’, which can be attributed to spiritual compatibility as well as love.
IET can be used to heal people as well as our beloved pets and is not limited to adults. Children are given classes that are tailored to their needs.
You can also learn how to invite the angels to help you on your self-healing spiritual journey through the Healing Angel’s class.
Class Name Class Length Class Fee ($)
Basic Level Class
7.5 hours
Intermediate Level Class 7.5 hours $215.00
Advanced Level Class 7.5 hours $215.00
Healing Angels Class 7.5 hours $95.00
Energy Therapy for Pets 7.5 hours $125.00
Energy Therapy for Kids 3 hours $45.00
About the Founder of Integrated Energy Therapy®

Stevan Thayer, founder and director of The Center of Being, Inc. and the developer of Integrated Energy Therapy®, has been in holistic service since 1989. A certified White Light Reiki Master, Professional Rebirther, Ordained Interfaith Minister and International Speaker, Instructor and Lecturer, Thayer is internationally renowned. Thayer is the author of the book Interview with an Angel, and a channel for Angel Ariel. For more information on IET click on Angel Ariel's picture to go to "Learn IET" web site. There you will find information on IET for Kids and IET for Pets plus much more information.

"IET gets the issues out of your tissues, for good!"

Linda & son David
Linda with her son David at Longwood Gardens

To contact Linda for more information on services she offers please email her at:

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